Blue Velvet


dream shoes

Having daydreamed of them ever since I first lay eyes on the original pair of Aquazzura lace up flats, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Topshop landed the exact same pair (only about 400£ cheaper) in store. Of course I was the first in line to purchase them, and yes, it was very hard for me to take them off even for a minute, so that I could take a photo for the blog. Oh the daily struggles; I believe you can relate.

Get the pair I got from Topshop in black or snakeskin.
Or purchase the original pair from Aquazzura HERE.


spring cleaning

Skirt, ZARA (in black) || Crop turtleneck, H&M (similar here) || Sneakers, NIKE AF1 || Earrings, bought at a random store (here)

This is what happens when you store old outfit posts on your archives for way too long. Either way, enjoy!


the old and the new

Long cardigan, ROMWE || Boots, ZARA (see also here) || Slip dress, ZARA (see also here) || Sunglasses, NYX London || Earrings, RIVER ISLAND

Talking new wardrobe favorites and old treasured items on today's outfit post. 


trail of thought

Tuesday is a mixture of many layers of clothing, drinking hot soya lattes while JJ's 'Still' is effortlessly navigating your thoughts towards warmer climates.


How to layer necklaces

Layering necklaces is my latest extracurricular activity, what I do in my free time. Yes, you may call me insane, but I cannot resist playing around with different necklace lengths, stack'em up real nice, take a selfie (it's all about that, isn't it?), take them off and then do this all over again. And just like layering clothes, it too can be a bit tricky until you master the right proportions.