Blue Velvet: twelve



OMG Chace Crawford! Not that I go insane about him, I'm more of a Ed Westwick type. But still; he's HAWT! And what's with this movie??? From what I can tell after watching the trailer, it must be GOOD! The comments under the trailer on YouTube are kinda cruel actually, about the whole NYC party scene with the drugs and Gossip Girl and blah blah blah- well, I like it all! I watch Gossip Girl, used to watch The Beautiful Life: TBL before it got cancelled, The City etc.
I'm off ordering the book this movie is based on. 

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Nicola said...

this looks so good! well, i think i'm more inclined to watch it because chace crawfords in it, but whatever!
and isn't that 50 cent too? hah random.
anyway let's definitely exchange links :)