Blue Velvet: spanish revival


spanish revival

Harper's Bazaar US August 2010

Jessica Stam is my faaaaaavorite! Look at her smiling and posing- she's so cute! I really admire everything she's done; she's had her ups and downs in her career (like the fall at the Chloe show 2 years ago) and yet she's so popular and her face is everywhere!
BACK to the editorial now- The last picture is the most AH-MAZING! The dress and the shoes.. Oh I'd kill for the shoes!


TOPCOAT said...

The first photo is stunning!!
What an amazing editorial.. I haven't got my cope yet, but I can no longer wait for it!


augustalolita said...

these are beautiful photos!!

Lorraine F. said...

She looks like a Cat.. Cat women! So pretty !

And love those Pix! OMG they are amazing!

E said...

I know I loved each and every picture of this editorial.. The colours and the big smiles and the dresses!! Jessica Stam totally worked this photoshoot!