Edie Sedgwick is my favorite it-girl! Back in the 60s she was Andy Warhol's muse, he discovered her, raised her to the superstar heaven, and in the end, destroyed her, when he started treating her so badly (We all know the story behind it all, Andy being in love with her and everything). She had THE most amazing sense of style- she painted her eyes with watercolours!!-, fabulous lifestyle, a size zero body, and countless friends and connections -Diana Vreeland was the first to discover her and use her in editorials for Harper's Bazaar. Even if Andy Warhol was her best friend, the single most important person in her whole life, rumor has it that Bob Dylan was the one that Edie was so madly in love with. They supposedly had an affair back in 1965, but it did not end well. I'm devastated by his behavior- how could he NOT want to be with Edie Sedgwick? I know I would!!
The drug abuse problem was what got to her in the end and killed her, well since you know.. not everyone could handle the 60s party scene.
Still, every time I'm down, I watch Factory Girl.. Her positiveness and optimism are amazing! This girl will ALWAYS inspire me. Thank God for Sienna Miller who portrayed her so good in the movie!


StylishSinead said...

I love it! In factory Girl she seems so vulnerable but also full of life like a rare flower :D

pumpkin said...

ahhhhh i love edie! and i love factory girl!
the earringssssssssss.
this is always my fancy dress outfit of choice.