Blue Velvet: MISSED ME MUCH?



Well I just discovered this site,, and I must say.. I LOVE IT! I right-clicked and saved every single photo.. These girls definitely know how to make an outfit f* work!! Can't wait for winter to come so I can start wearing tons of clothes again.. I miss layers, I miss my black leather kacket and I miss wearing super-tall boots!
Sorry for not updating lately but I've been on vacation in Crete and I didn't have the chance to log in all this time. I promise I'll update more often!


Erica said...

i love these pictures!

TOPCOAT said...

Oh, I love this site.. So much inspiring looks there!

Hope you've had an amazing vacation.. Will we be seeing some photos of beautiful Crete? :) xx

E said...

Haahaha thank you for the comments! Unfortunately you're not gonna see photos from Crete, since I've decided that I'm too embarassed to post pictures taken by me, or including me. I feel too.. exposed or something!