Blue Velvet: VERY EDIE



I immediately fell in love when I saw this amazing leopard two-toned leopard fur coat. It reminds me so soo much of Edie Sedgwick, my favorite *superstar* of all times! She has made such an impact on me, not only when it comes to her lifestyle, but in her styling choices as well. Tights, bodysuits, leopard, huge earrings, tons of black eyeshadow, all these on a size zero body- I can't think of anything better. God, I LOVE this girl!

Sienna Miller was seen wearing leopard countless times in Factory Girl, the movie where she was portraying Edie. 

But anyway, my point is, I just GOTTA HAVE this leopard fur coat! And I haven't found anywhere anything better than this nasty gal one. So I will buy it - there, I said it.

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