Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2011

I was never into Burberry. I always thought of it as the brand with the trademark check pattern on bags, trench coats, rain boots and scarfs. However, the Fall 2010 changed my mind completely.. I was drooling over EVERY shearling jacket and leather piece at the Fall 2010 collection, I fell in love with all the pieces immediately! I loved the Spring/Summer 2011 collection in an instant, with all the biker leather jackets with the embellished shoulders and the studs all over. I had the YouTube video playing over and over again, and I got goosebumps every single time! As you can imagine, I was anticipating the Fall 2011 show very much, being a winter girl that loves layering and warm coats more than summer-y pieces myself. I have to admit, I was disappointed. I know most people don't agree with me, but, what's with all the colour? There were so many coats in different colours, I thought this was a spring collection. I was expecting more neutral colours, more
 leather pieces, something that would stand out for me. Of course there were pieces that caught my eye, but didn't stay in my memory for long. Those were the military jackets, the black and white fur -very Cruella de Ville-ish, thumbs up to that-, the total white looks -enjoy seeing white during winter-, and the amazing finale with the snow falling and the models walking with their transparent waterproof jackets. Apart from these things, there's not much to remember.

PS: We finally got to see some action from Miss Abbey Lee! Missed her in NYFW!

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Jovana said...

Great! I can't decide which one is more better.