Blue Velvet: madwalk by vodafone


madwalk by vodafone

Last night I attended the Madwalk by Vodafone event, a show which combined singing from multiple renowned greek singers and fashion shows from this country's biggest fashion houses. This event was a first in the greek fashion industry, so as you can imagine, it brought together tons of people who praise the fashion idustry. I was there to support it as well, waiting to take millions of photos with my camera but, unfortunately, it disappointed me, taking some horrible ones instead. Therefore I can't use them on my blog.. So all the following photos are courtesy of a fellow blogger, Alexia from smellslikefashion and madwalk, the official site of the evening. Enjoy!


The two hostesses of the night, Tamta, a famous greek singer, and Vicky Kaya, a world-renowned model.

Deux Hommes 

Mary Katrantzou


Vrettos Vrettakos

Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture


Apostolos Mitropoulos

Yorgos Eleftheriades

Highlights of the night: 
  • The wedges that the models were wearing at the Mary Katrantzou show. Loved all the colours and the designs, they remind me so much of summer. Same goes for all the dresses, though I can't say that I'm the biggest fan.. Mixed geometrical patterns are not my thing.
  • The sequin dresses at Vrettos Vrettakos. You know how much I drool over everything sequin! I'd buy each and every one of them! I wish I had more photos of his fashion show..
  • The flower dresses and loose fittings at Parthenis. Each model was carrying a big bag filled with flowers as well, you could almost smell the spring from the catwalk!
  • The appearance of Vicky Kaya at the Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture fashion show. She walked down the catwalk wearing lingerie and huuuge angel wings and looked stunning. Sounds like Victoria's Secret right? That's what I thought too, but she looked too hot to even dare to judge or disapprove her of anything. Thumbs up to Celia who had Vicky Kagia do her thing one more time!
  • Doukissa Nomikou, a gorgeous TV hostess and former Star Hellas at the 2007 beauty pageant, walked the Celia Kritharioti show wearing a beautiful wedding gown.
  • The designs at the Yorgos Eleftheriades show. Lots of white and beige, simple cuts and loose fittings. Even though some of the pieces reminded me more of garbage bags than formal dresses, I really enjoyed this show.
  • The whole design of the show. Konstantinos Rigos did a brilliant job directing the whole event!
  • The fashion show that closed the night, which did the best grand finale: Apostolos Mitropoulos. Splashes of colours, unexpected patterns, models with their faces covered with bags or veils. Apostolos had a guy walking down the runway wearing nothing but Mickey Mouse ears and hands, with which he covered his private places! How's that sound?

Apart from the fashion shows, the night was filled with music from famous greek artists, including Despoina Vandi, Sakis Rouvas, Elena Paparizou, Giorgos Mazonakis, Myronas Stratis featuring Ilia Darlin, Onirama and Melisses. The co-hostess of the night, Tamta, presented a new song as well.


Flopy said...

I hope you have a great time ther :) Mary Katrantzou´s shoes are amazing. Don´t you think so?

terin said...

i'm SO jealous!!!your outfit is amazing so chic and edgy...Vicky Kagia is a godess as always and i loved the dress from cylia kritharioti collection!perfect!anyway next time i'm coming with you definately! xxx

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Love your outfit!! Great pictures and Vicky Kayia looks stunning!!

I'm following you now, follow back if you like:)

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super cool photos! looks quite amazing!

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wow, that show is stunning, those dresses are so gorgeous! lol, love the pic of the naked guy with the white gloves- huh? :D

Beneath the Glass

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i´m in love with your baag, i´m in love with your baag, and with your leggins too!(i´m singing)

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I just discovered your blog and I love it!!!!!!!

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