Blue Velvet: REHAB




Vogue Italia July 2007
Shot by Steven Meisel

How cool is this editorial? Drug-addicted rockstars, anorexic models, alcoholic celebrities, all portrayed by supermodels, most of them in their early begginings, like Lara Stone, Iselin Steiro and Sasha Pivovarova, which are now the most wanted in the fashion industry. We can also see Agyness Deyn, who has now completely disappeared from the modelling world and Im still wondering whatever happened to her. Girls lying naked in bathtubs, rockstars getting out of a limo, junkies trying to hold themselves together, all these featured in one of the most unique and extraordinary editorials.

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Anonymous said...

how lame is this editorial. Glamourising drug addiction and rehab... sorry but so pathetic!