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Focusing on some details that stand out for me the most during AXDW..
    • The stockings at Stelios Koudounaris. I've been obsessing over all sorts of stockings and tights for a while now, and those were so beautiful.. Want them desperately! (See the collection here)
  • The socks at CorBo. As I said before here, this show did not suit my style that much, since I don't dress in earthy colours or wide leg pants, but there were some details, like this sock layering thingie, that impressed me a lot and gave me a lot of ideas for next fall. The designer pairs the trend with wide leg pants, dresses or trench coats, and it looks amazing in every case!
  • The strong lines at Konstantina Agaliou. Of course the show was called 'Conceptual Geometry', meaning that it was supposed to have as many structured arms, weird cuts and unexpected garments. I love leather, and I love transparent. When you put those two together, you definitely got me.. (See the collection here)
  • Loose prints, sequin pants, soft sweater in warm colours at Empire. This show was my favorite of all AXDW. Just. Can't. Get. Enough. (See the collection here)
  • Side cut-outs at Nicomia Desirous. Bodycon dresses with asymmetric cuts here and there is what I'm looking for the most these days. I want to do a DIY with side cut-outs, but that's a whole different story.
  • Dark jeans bodice at JeAnS - the entire show proved us that it every piece is versatile and can be used in so many different ways!
  • Male model's boots at Konstantinos Mitrovgenis's show. Did he design them? I don't know. I want them in a 37 please.
  • Dark pleated clothing at Celebrity Skin.

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Love the red sweater and sequin gold pants!