Blue Velvet: masque party


masque party

Some photos from the masque party last night.. In case you can't figure out what I'm dressed (like most people there), I'm a rockstar, hence all the leather, the chains, the rings and the John Lennon sunglasses - which are actually pretty cool and I'm thinking of adjusting them in my everyday life. The tattoo in the last photo is not real, but it works perfect for my outfit! Anyways, the party was *how-I-met-your-mother-Barney's-voice-saying* AWESOME, everyone was pretty drunk and we all had a hell of a time! In the other photos are me and my boyfriend, who is dressed as a sheik, aka Arab leader, and a friend, who was just messing around with a gun and a hat. xx

PS: Is it just me or am I posing in the EXACT same way in all of the photos that I posted? I'm going deep into the rockstar attitude!

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