Blue Velvet: fashionfail



Basically I wanted to show you my new boots. And how crazy my friends are sometimes- I dont believe I could ever pull off Christina's sunglasses. And believe me, you'll be seeing both of them (I mean the boots and Christina- and this other one behind the camera HI EVELYN I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS!) more than often. xoxo

PS: The title of the post is connected with this oh-so-funny joke that we created today, adding before every sentence the word fashion. We got so used to it, I'm making an effort not to add fashion in what I'm writing right now. Fashion FAIL!


Martha Stafylaki said...

oi fwtografies eine gamatesss !bravo stin evelyn !!:)
parapono egw dn tha bw pote sto blog se mia pic !!!kserw kserw klapsourizw pali den peirazei mono etsi ginete douleia mou fenete!xx

Gina Michele said...

Great pics!
Love those boots!

♥ Gina Michele

Sarah said...

Your boots are absolutely amazing!


Gabrielle said...

Love your boots <3 and I'm digging your blog! following you on bloglovin' too.

Gabrielle said...

p.s - yes photos are edited on Photoshop! xo

Britt+Whit said...

the boots are super cute! i also love the peace necklace!

love from San Francisco,

fashion tnt said...

cool blog!!! nice pictures ;)
follow me I always follow back ;)

The vintageous said...

Love it!!! Let´s follow each other. Love from buenos aires

Pia said...

great accessories!

Daria Hutt said...

Great style. Love your blog.

Following you, hope you'll follow back!


♥ El blog de moda de Daria Hutt

BABI said...

nice photos! love the sunglasses!