Blue Velvet: caipicoco



Small photo diary from Skiathos.. I have some outfit photos that I'll upload one of the following days as well. The name of this post is taken from a cocktail that we tried at a bar, it's such a fun name and a delicious and refreshing drink! I'm not sure if it is widely known, but you should definitely give it a try and ask for it! It contains Malibu, strawberries, lime and brown sugar.
Skiathos is such a beautiful island, I look forward to visiting it again next summer. Next stop now: another part of Crete, Agios Nikolaos. Unfortunately I won't be leaving for another 10 days, so until then, I'll probably make some posts from Athens. Have to catch up with the newest editorials and campaigns as well! xoxo


Fashionthroughtravel said...

Crete is really amazing! The beaches and the water are beautiful, but you should also go visit Heraklion or the palace of Knossos if you have the time.

Δέσποινα Τσιλογιάννη said...

polu wraio post!!