Blue Velvet: it's just the way you see the world


it's just the way you see the world

It's been exactly one year since I decided to create this blog, where I could share all my favorite editorials, runway shows, and everything that would inspire my everyday life, something like an online scrapbook. It turned out to be more than just that, when I started adding photos of my personal outfits, as well as photos from important and fun moments of my life. If I said that my life has changed through this blog, it'd probably be a lie, but I've learned so many things from it, I've met quite a few extraordinary people, and I've realised that everything you want can be achieved if you try hard enough. 
Thanks to everyone who enjoys reading this blog, it's great to have someone to share my opinions with, and I really appreciate all your comments and support! And a huge thanks to my friends too, who bare with me and my obsession for fashion. I'll try to talk less about it, I promise. As if that's even possible. xxx


Elena said...

love all pictures!
Congratulations ;)

Elena from

Fashionthroughtravel said...

Congratulations :)

Anna said...

Congratulations darling, I love your blog.
Keep up the good work!

Martha Stafylaki said...

wow ...i havent realized how fast the time have passed !1 year full of fashion ,events and so much more that i cant even remember!you should thank me for all those pictures ive taken youu!you are still my stylist my little fashionista and keep up the good work :) xoxo

Beatrice Balaj said...

Great outfits!