Blue Velvet: autumn days


autumn days

1. Silk shirt from H&M. Love basics like this one.
2.Starbucks coffee and Converse chucks- I'm very into how scuffed up they look paired with basic sweaters or silk pieces.
3. Bread with mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato and rocket. So good.
4, 5. A new bar that opened in my neighbourhood with the best design I've seen in a while. Very bright and minimal, perfect for summer. The sign in the last photo is placed at the entrance of the bar.
6. Some pairs of sunglasses that I have lying around on the shelf above my desk.


Ale Ar.Va. said...

Love your sweater on 2nd image... and all of your sunglasses!


Anonymous said...

είχα βγει για περπάτημα στη Βούλα τις προάλλες, και είδα την ταμπέλα από αυτό το μαγαζί και θυμήθηκα το post σου...να υποθέσω ότι είμαστε "γειτόνισσες"? :P

Elena said...

Indeed meno k ego sti voula! Na kanoniseis na pas sto beeraki einai poly oraio kai cozy meros, eidika an theleis kati xalaro! Kai na kanonisume na vgume kamia mera sti 'geitonia' mas, na gnoristume kiolas haha! x