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Is it just me or do the Victoria's Secret fashion shows get better and better every year? The backstage photos shot by Tommy Ton for look soo good- I can't wait for the entire show on November 29. Every model is stunning with their wings and sexy lingerie, and don't even get me started with Adam Levine. Dear God. xx


Kimberly said...

great photos love their extravagant costumes! love the new blog name!

Posh.Kay said...

I love them all!
Runway photos I can look over and over again, but backstage ones are special because they are more "real" showing the atmosphere, but also making you realize that their beauty is a fact as well as the new lingerie comming up soon in stores! :))

Thanks for lovely comments on my posts. I'm following you back girl because your blog is awesome (also via bloglovin).

Looking forward to your next posts!


Joanne Hegarty said...

Great photographs ! Eye popping in fact


Rosa Noel said...

This is my favorite fashion show of all times! You can see many gorgeous models dressed up with sexy lingerie and with so adorable accessories! Every year I expect to see the new collections and to buy some of them from their online shop! The prices are very reasonable, for every pocket.

CLAUDET said...

gorgeous photos!
I love VS!!!!!!

nice blog :)