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blue velvet

I was contemplating changing the name of my blog for a really long time now, but I never actually decided it. But after thinking it over and over again (always thinking too much) decided that it was time for it. The new name, 'Blue velvet' is a combination of words that I love.. Blue is one of my favorite colours, and velvet is one of my most beloved garments. I'm planning to get a domain name as soon as possible, typing my entire url is definitely exhausting.
Let's just hope you like the name as much as I do. xx


Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

love the new name! Aporo pos pires tin apofasi! Opos k na exei we love Helena's blog
bisous marilia

Nina said...


Jazmin said...

thank you for the lovely comment. I'm most definitely following you via Blog Lovin'


Megan said...

I like it! :)