Blue Velvet: in between the shadows


in between the shadows

COS tshirt/ Topshop burgundy shorts/ Zara blazer/ Urban Outfitters cross necklace/ Lanvin x H&M sunglasses

Wearing some of the purchases I've made in London- I love the colour of the shorts, burgundy is one of my favorite colours and I'm definitely gonna continue wearing these during spring and summer as well. The tshirt is the most comfortable ones I own; I've been looking for the tshirt with the perfect fit for quite a long time, relaxed, yet not too much, soft and in the perfect length. This COS one combines everything.. If only they had it in other colours as well! Unfortunately their online shop doesn't ship to Greece, so I'm gonna have to wait until I get my hands on more pieces from their collections. You may be thinking that I am exaggerating right now, or that finding the perfect tshirt is not that difficult, but to me, it is a very big deal. The sewing, the fabric, the draping and the fit have to match perfectly in order to create such a staple piece in my wardrobe.
Off to bed now, I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow for a university project that I need to work on. This is probably the worst start of a week, but I'll try to make things come around. xxx


Mariana said...

cute shorts :) **

Elpi Chan said...

Τι γλυκο ποστ!

Μου αρεσε παρα παρα πολυ!
ΑΝ θες πες μου την αποψη σου για
το δικο μου μπλογκ!
Θες να γινουμε follower η μια στην αλλη?

Nina // said...

Nice pictures!!

Clara Turbay said...

Great and simple inspiration!

Nina Trendsurvivor Papaioannou said...

lovely cross ... nice look with the tailored jacket !!!

Kimberly said...

cute outfit love the shorts!