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Chanel Spring 2012 couture

Karl Lagerfeld appears to have run out of ideas in his latest couture show, since he created an entire collection based on stewardesss' uniforms. The pieces that I've shared here are actually good, with the elongated silhouette that both Karolina Mrozkova and are sporting being my favorite piece. The shoulder winged sleeves get credit as well for being so unique and innovative, I can easily see it being worn by the Chanel ladies. But apart from them all, I guess I just expected that, since it's couture, the dresses should be a little more.. I don't know, dreamy? I guess when you have such a big name as Chanel, and year after year of mesmerising couture collections, the bar is raised very high and the expectations are big.

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Nina Josephine said...

Chaneeeel I love. & the hairstyles. PERFECT!