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as if

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The other day I watched Clueless again, the first time I had seen it was about 7 years ago, of course I didn't remember anything from the movie. Back then, neither had I understood a thing from the whole storyline, nor had I realised what was going on with the 90s preppy style on their outfits. But watching it again today, I feel so impressed by every outfit Alicia Silverstone sported in the movie. They're not something I would choose to wear in my everyday life, but it is a very good source to draw inspiration from. Apart from the whole grunge phase that was going on in the 90s- with which I can relate to better, 90s had lots of plaid, knee high socks, mary janes, see-through, tight-fitting dresses and tank tops, collar shirts, camis over tshirts, overalls. Calvin Klein ruled everywhere, Kate Moss was just starting to bring waif-like figures to fashion, and Cher Horowitz was the first one to make a black tight-fitting camisole over a loose white tshirt actually work. I used to despise that period, mainly because I thought nothing 'cool' (cool as in The Rolling Stones, Edie Sedgwick or hippies, like the previous decades) happened back then, but I hadn't actually digged deep into it. Not that I have now, but since I know a few more things, I must say I love everything from that era- from Nine Inch Nails to plaid to Courtney Love's grunge.

'So, this flannel thing. Is that a nod to the crispy Seattle weather, or are you just trying to stay warm in front of the refrigerator?'- Cher Horowitz


Nina Josephine said...

Clueless <3

Martha Stafylaki said...

Ωραία ταίνια είναι..την βάζει το mega κάθε χρόνο σίγουρα !