Blue Velvet: burgundy



COS burgundy roll-neck top/ Levi's boyfriend jeans/ Chuck's low tops

Trying to keep it simple in ripped oversized jeans and a cosy top. I used to love these jeans when I first bought them back in 2007, then I decided that I hated them because they were so oversized and unflattering, and now I'm back to lovin them big time. I prefer them rolled up like I chose to do here. I also picture them with a grey oversized hoodie, a black leather vest on top of it and black pumps. Perfect! xxx


vintage is the new black said...

hey girl!!! i just found your blog through facebook and i love it alrerady...check mine and follow if you want!!


Nina Josephine said...

Nice color.

Elsa said...

I thinkthe jeans look great on you! Love the sweater! The color is so beautifull!

Out Of The Box

Kimberly said...

cute outfit love the jeans would love to see them styled the way you described!

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