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on my wishlist

right now
I don't wanna get into major Spring trends like pastel or color blocking yet (actually I don't think I'll ever go along with the color blocking trend but that's not the point) so I thought I'd make a wishlist with what I'm craving for this period.
The Row sunglasses- very Mary-Kate Olsen. I've wanted a pair of oversized teashade sunglasses for years! I get a cool, retro, I-can-take-over-the-world vibe from them. You can find them on netaporter.
Acne Fever trashed denim jacket- I very much enjoy the whole denim trend, and I want to incorporate it in my wardrobe after this season as well. I wasn't that much into jeans the past years, but that feeling has magically gone away now, probably after seeing trashed boyfriend jeans 10 sizes too big or perfect shaped bell bottoms on random blogs. Trashed denim jackets also make an easy DIY- and vintage Levi's are sold on thrift stores everywhere in the world (apart from Greece that is). I'm also looking for a denim mini skirt, but that's easy too; H&M sells tons, and I need to experiment. You can find the Acne jacket on netaporter, or any other big online shop for that matter.
ElizabethW candles- I've read some good critics on them and I thought I'd try them. They're shipping for the US though, so this might take a while..
Stylemint tops- I LOVE Stylemint's basics!! I've been a fan of the line since the day the Olsens created it last summer, I even subscribed on their newsletter so that I could order some tees as soon as they were launched. By the time I was about to place the order, I discovered that they don't ship to Greece, imagine that! So until they add shipping outside the US, I'm just gonna admire the delicate lines from my computer screen.
Alexander Wang Liya pumps- I enjoy pointed toes a lot lately, so it's gonna be either this, or a pair of Prada ones. I'm still trying to imagine them paired with pieces from my wardrobe.We'll see. You can find them on shopbop.

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Elsa said...

The sunglasses from The Row are amazing! Love them!

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