Blue Velvet: bleached jeans DIY


bleached jeans DIY

So as I first mentioned on my previous post here, I tried to bleach a pair of Zara jeans that I bought. It's not a difficult DIY, so I'd suggest it to anyone. I followed the instructions that a friend of mine shared on Elle Greece here.

You're going to need a big bucket, a pack of rubber bands, bleach, a plastic cup, and your pair of jeans- obviously.  Also, I suggest you try this DIY outdoors, in order to avoid the strong fumes that come from the bleach.

First, you start by tiying the jeans with the rubber bands in many small knots, any way that you want to. I started making knots from the legs up, I did one leg first, then the other, and then I tied the 2 big knots together and created one big knot.

Use the plastic cup to measure how much bleach and water you're going to use. I added 8 cups of water and 4 cups of bleach. Put the jeans that are banded up with the rubber bands into the bleach mixture, and leave it for as long as you want. The jeans are going to float and they're not gonna be completely submerged, so as soon as the bottom bleaches as much as you want it to, flip it over, and leave it again, so that the colour becomes even on both sides. I left it 75' on one side, and then 45' on the other.
When you're done with the bleaching, take the jeans out of the bucket, rinse them out and take the rubber bands off. You can either wash it in the washing machine, where you'll put it by itself, without any other clothes and without any detergents, or, wash it carefully by yourself with cold water.

This is how my jeans look like now. I wanted my jeans to be bleached on the top, and look like they're ombre, so I started making knots from the bottom of the jeans. If you want them to be even more bleached, you should probably leave them longer than I did, and maybe use some more bleach. I love the result, especially how the back pockets have turned out so white. I'm contemplating doing this one more time, so the jeans will bleach some more. Be careful with the amount of bleach that you use, because if you don't put enough water in the mixture, the bleach will burn the fabric and that might create a hole or something.
I hope that, if you're planning to do this DIY, this tutorial was helpful enough for you! If you need any further explanations, I'd be glad to help with anything. xxx


Rea said...

teleio egine! bravo baby!

Sweet Monday said...

Ah that looks so easy to do :) I really want to bleach a t shirt to see what happens, play around with the different effects you can create. x

Elsa said...

Vgike fovero! Bravo!

Out Of The Box

Kimberly said...

they turned out so good love it!

Style LimeLight said...

Polyyyyyyyy kalo apotelesma!POlla brv!!

Style LimeLight

David Hudson said...

WOW! After washing is totally change looks fade cool stuff.

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