Blue Velvet: coffee black and egg white


coffee black and egg white

ph. by Nicole Kapakian

Theory knit, secondhand Valentino blazer, Maje leather jacket, Zara waxed pants, Topshop boots, vintage necklace

Some of my friends are back from London and we've been hanging all day, drinking coffee, doing random shopping, getting our nails done and experimenting with the camera. Nicole insisted that I gave credit to her for taking these photos. The crappy analysis is my camera's fault, imagine that! I have to do something about this soon.

The tapas night that I rumbled about here was perfect.. Or so me and my best friend were told, so that we wouldn't get sad after having worked our butts off to cook all those spanish specialties! I managed to snap some photographs of the guests, since the food disappeared almost immediately. I haven't gone through them yet, will post them here -if they are decent enough.

Today's plan: start getting ready at some point - grab coffee - go to university. For some reason I'd pretty much rather keep on typing here whatever crosses my mind, rather than leave the house.. So lazy it hurts.


Nina Josephine said...

The pictures are amazing!

Kimberly said...

great photos love your outfit and i definitely have those lazy moments i'd much rather blog than have to make the trip to school!
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Style LimeLight said...

great looks of both of you!love the blazer & the jacket!!
Style LimeLight