Blue Velvet: valentino espadrilles


valentino espadrilles

I first noticed this pair of Valentino lace espadrilles through my blogger friend Arden's blogpost. I didn't give the shoes much attention, but as days passed, I realised I was thinking more and more about them. They are the perfect pair of summer shoes; easily incorporated into every look, especially if you want to give a more romantic vibe to it. Not very much of an espadrille person myself, I've fallen for these delicate sheer lace ones big time. I can already imagine the possible outfits that I could combine with them. WANT.
Find it here or here. Also come in red.


Elsa said...

I saw these shoes a few time ago and I loved them! They are so smart and you really can wear them with pretty much everything and give your look an interesting touch!

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Nina Josephine said...

They look wonderful!

Kimberly said...

these are cute!
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