Blue Velvet: where the streets have no name


where the streets have no name

H&M mint jumper, Marks&Spencer leather vest, Zara waxed pants, Topshop boots, Urban Outfitters clutch

What I wore some days ago when I was out for brunch with a friend. This pair of Zara pants have replaced my previous obsession for leather leggings. I've fallen for them so hard that I don't even take them off when sleeping. Kidding.. Or not.
 On a desperate attempt to change the subject- this clutch is one of the biggest that I've seen in my life, it fits half of my closet, but it's uncomfortable as hell to carry this thing around. It doesn't even have a strap or anything to hold it (uhm that's why they call it clutch..). I do shove my camera, a book, university notes, random cosmetics and 1-2 pairs of sunglasses that I never use inside, and try to have it under control.
Off to have lunch with the family, have a happy and sunny Sunday everyone! xx


Elsa said...

This is a great outfit! Love the sweater and the vest! Have a great sunday to!

Many kisses
Out Of The Box

Marianna said...

I love it!

Style LimeLight said...

i will repeat it again. I adooore your style!

Kimberly said...

love this outfit you look great!