Blue Velvet: blind spot


blind spot

DIY jeans/ H&M shirt/ Raybans sunglasses/ vintage and UO everything else

I've actually been living in these jeans for the past weeks, it really is weird how they hadn't shown up on the blog until now. I love love LOVE them!

  • Reviewing for my Chinese lesson. I'm placing it on top of my today's list because I'm the biggest geek! #hooray
  • Contemplating getting a tattoo more than ever.
  • Trying to rearrange my closet, which seems empty as ever. I'm not overreacting when I'm saying that I have absolutely nothing to wear.
  • Syncing the ipod with some of the best tunes out there (Gold on the ceiling by The black keys, Are friends electric by Gary Numan and To lose my life by White lies included).
  • Digging into my closet for clothes that I don't wear anymore that could help me experiment with my recent obsession with bleach. Yeah you got that last part right, dip-dyed clothing dominates my thinking.
  • Dreaming of Coachella. Obviosuly.

Happy almost Saturday everyone! xxx


AndraB said...

I also made this jeans today. I like them! I was inspired from you. It was an amazing idea.

Nina Josephine said...

Love the tie-dye.

Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

Really nice style here!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark