Blue Velvet: heroin



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Photography by Davide Sorrenti, the person who influenced the heroin chic era more than ever. He had his own distinctive personal style in taking photographs, using neutral colours, seemingly boring backrounds and models in stupor-like poses, the kind of girls that would draw your eye without really knowing why. Little makeup, tiny figures, tired-looking eyes and simple clothing like oversized sweats, ripped leggings or black bodysuits. It was him who popularised the waifish, emaciated look, that Kate Moss is known for. After his death from a drug overdose, that era eventually faded.

Jamie King (pictured in most of the pictures here) was his star and his girlfriend at the time. What a tragic story.

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Kimberly said...

wow these photos are captivating and so interesting to see jamie this way

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Nina Josephine said...

Great pictures. So real!