Blue Velvet: i'm giving you a nightcall


i'm giving you a nightcall

Fooling around in my boyfriend's house/ getting all hyper from too much coffee/ trying to achieve the perfect wink. You know kitchens are the coolest place to take photographs in these days.. This is what you get when you have too much free time. I'm telling you, Easter break is not a good thing. 

Today: contemplating when to finally start working on uni's assignments that are quite a few, getting a facial and a manicure, and working on a new project. Oh, and having the soundtrack from the movie Drive on replay. I mean. CONSTANT REPLAY. It's so funny because when I first saw the movie in September I wasn't that impressed with the songs, and last week I accidentally heard 'Nightcall' by Kavinsky and I actually liked it. I googled it, found all the other songs from the movie and long story short, I fell in love with them all. They're so good it hurts my ears.

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