Blue Velvet: indrustrial



Levis vintage jeans shirt, Zara waxed pants, vintage belt

I discovered this belt in my accessories drawer the other day, and decided to start wearing it again, since I haven't used it the past 6 months- at the very least. I'm not a big fan of the black-brown combination, but decided to give it a try with a total black look. The gray wall makes a very good contrast with the outfit. This is what I like most in outfit posts, having a simple backround. I don't like flowers or graffiti walls (even though I always end up shooting in front of them), I want plain and simple.. That, or a backround that makes you feel the city vibes, with people who don't always mind their own business and stare at you for the way you're dressed, many lights, neon signs, a city lit by fireflies, and yeah, that kind of stuff too.. (desperately trying to channel U2's 'City of blinding lights'). I wish I lived in a city like the one Bono sings about. xxx


Clara Turbay said...

full of style love this blog.

Nina Josephine said...

Love the shirt!