Blue Velvet: let it be


let it be

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo for such a long time now, thing is, I don't like having anything permanent on my body. If I ever got one, I'd probably get sick of it after a month. I don't think I'll ever decide whether I really want one or don't, so when I discovered the temporary tattoos by swedish brand Fake Tattoos, I chose to go for them instead. This 'let it be' one suits me perfectly, since it's small and dicreet, nothing loud or over-the-top. I went a little crazy on the temporary-tattoo thing and got a couple more that I'll probably post here as soon as I make them, it's so hard choosing the ones you like the most, their online shop has the biggest variety! xxx


Stephanie Makropoulos said...

aaaaaapisteuto. paraggelno TORA :p

Annushka said...

Interesting post, I love your blog!!

Kimberly said...

love this! i'm scared of regretting the tattoo but i really want one which makes it so difficult! this one looks great though can't wait to see the others one!

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Sienna said...

oh my god i want those pink converse

Emily said...

the tattoo is in such a gorgeous place, ive regretted my tattoos so i think this is a great alternative!