Blue Velvet: shark tooth


shark tooth

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Ricardo Tisci drawed inspiration from the sharks for Spring/Summer 2012 and designed one of the most sought-after pieces for the season, a shark tooth pendant. Right now the necklace is everywhere; from the cover of Vogue Paris, to Guinevere Van Seenus's neck on high fashion editorials. One word: WANT! There's something unbelievably gangsta about a giant tooth hanging on your neck.

Its price is a little off limits ($681 for the small one and $892 for the large one at LuisaViaRoma), so I decided to make one on my own. Thank God I won't have to hunt down any sharks in order to get a tooth- there are people out there who, apparently, are crazy enough to chase sharks around and sell their teeth for pennies on ebay. Stay tuned for more. xx

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