Blue Velvet: candy



Candy-colored post.
1. New lace shorts from Zara and H&M. I love the idea of them worn with total white looks, especially the white one. The H&M shorts are from the Conscious collection. They have this perfect little detail, small skulls on the cords, I always find tiny details like this irresistible.
2. Strawberry smoothie for breakfast. Making smoothies like this has become my everyday routine. Yummy!
3. Pink flowers in my living room.
4. the H&M shorts worn here with white top and white blazer.


Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

love love love it! And the strawberry smoothie looks delicious. Wish i had some time for a decent breakfast, that doesn't include just coffee to go.
xoxo m

Nina Josephine said...

Strawberry smoooothie!