Blue Velvet: memphis martini


memphis martini

Mango platforms, Ray-Ban aviators, Zara shirt

The rest of the photos from this post. Sorry for not posting them earlier, I needed to take some time off from everything. You can't get any paler than I am here, however I think I've managed to get some tan these past days.

 This old Jeep used to belong to my boyfriend's grandfather back in 1950 or something, but it hasn't been used for years. They now brought it back to life and started using it again, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take some photos with it. I felt as if I was shooting for an editorial or whatever, adding something so unique and extraordinary into the average outfit-post equation. It's such a beautiful car! Although it's kind of risky to ride it, it doesn't even have doors.. Or seatbelts. I mean it can't reach more than 50 km/h, but still.. Daredevil-ish.


Evelyn said...

wow!!! i love the look and the concept of the shooting.. xoxoxo

Arden said...

Your style and overall attitude here is stunning. Love it. xx

katoula said...

Indees, like an editorial shoot! Just great! The shoes rock!

katoula from red rose cheeks

Nina Josephine said...

Love the shoes!

Elsa said...

Stunning! Great look and photos!

Out Of The Box

Style LimeLight said...

Great photos!stylish look!
Style LimeLight