Blue Velvet: obscure rock song lyrics


obscure rock song lyrics

obscure rock song lyrics

Twisted necklace: tops over any vintage tshirt or flimsy tank top. Looks even cooler combined with more  chunky necklaces in different textures and volumes.
Alexander Wang key pouch: textured leather, uber cool and on sale! #triplescore
Led Zeppelin tshirt: this one is from Topshop, but for vintage treasures you should definitely try Ebay. SO many treasures waiting to be discovered!
Sequin knicker shorts: it's become an everyday staple, easily transformed from day to night, with boots or platforms.
Topshop western boots: ever since I first saw these western boots, I just can't stop thinking about them. The perfect pair of western boots. I'm so madly in love!


glitterswalloffame said...

I'm loving the sequin shorts. xx

Nina Josephine said...

Shoes look great! said...

I love the sequinned shorts!