Blue Velvet: ten cent pistol


ten cent pistol

American Vintage men's tee (here), vintage Levi's cutoffs found on Ebay, Zara heels (similar here), random necklaces

One of my all-time favorites looks, very casual and comfortable and easily upgraded with a pair of killer heels instead of comfy Havaianas. I've come to the conclusion that tshirts from the men's department fit much better than women's tshirts do, so I'm stealing all of my boyfriend's clothes. #tooeasy

The shorts I got from Ebay, but before I discovered the fun of searching for things-I-never-thought-I-needed, I got my first pair from Urban Outfitters that stocks up on vintage Levi's as well (see here or here). My advice is to get one size up, since they might be distressed after all these years or the sizing labels might be wrong. And even if the sizes turn out to be correct and you have shorts slightly bigger, just cut them on the sides and wear them with a chunky belt instead.
PS: UO has sales and it's got some colourful vintage Levi's on 50% off here.


Βαγιάννα Μακρή said...

adore the shoes<33

Dèna said...

As simple and clean as i like!Great look!

Elsa said...

Certainly my favourite combination! You look stunning!

Out Of The Box

Nina Josephine said...

Love your short.

eva loukaki said...

perfectooo xxx