Blue Velvet: theyskens' theory resort


theyskens' theory resort


Things I realised upon seeing Theyskens' Theory Resort 2013 collection:
  • Mesh isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Especially over a total black look. Major yes!
  • Dressing up like a huge bug (mint slouchy knit over mold-coloured jeans and teal heels) feels more right than it should.
  • A gray (silver?) crushed velvet jacket is what I want to sleep in from now till the end of time.
  • I wish I could go braless in that perfect flowy dress.
  • Suit jackets tied around the waist have never looked sloppier.. And cooler. After this collection, tying your old hoodie and/or sweater around your waist is so over.
  • That sense of urbanity that the collection gives off will probably kill me.
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Eleni Papastergiou said...

ti apla kai wraia thee mou!!! :D said...

I'm seeing a lot of velvet fabrics around for fall - I wonder if this is a reaction to the sheer and floaty fabrics for summer?

I adore the simple, clean lines of this collection.