Blue Velvet: imitation of life


imitation of life

Starting from top left:
 Vintage bangle, Oxette bracelets, Asos friendship bracelet, Topshop cross earrings bought in December (similar here or here), vintage and H&M rings (see thin band rings here), tiny skull necklaces found on Ebay

All of this times 2. Apart from the earrings that is, because I only have one piercing per ear.
The skull necklaces are so cute, if only they wouldn't fall apart this easily though. Damn you Ebay/ I wish I had more bangles like the one pictured here to stack them up real nice/ I also like to steal rope bracelets from weddings or baptisms and mix them with beads and bangles, is it weird?
Happy almost Saturday!

Lots of love,

3 comments: said...

LOve the friendship bracelet!!

Abbie said...

Nice selection of jewellery. I have the cross Topshop earrings! I love them! xx

Megs said...

Love this collection of items! They all jive so well with another! A lovely mix of fun and yet sweet! Darling blog as well! You have a new follower :) xo, Megs