Blue Velvet: vague impressions


vague impressions

Vintage Gucci jacket, Converse white high tops, Zara black slipdress (similar here or here), Lanvin x H&M sunglasses

The entire outfit from some days ago. This slipdress is one of my latest finds while going through huge piles of Zara clothes. I've been searching for a simple slipdress like this for ages, always expecting that I'd bump into one at some random thrift store. Of course you know what they say about thrift stores, when you go looking for something specific, you'll never find it. Yeah, I never found it either. Either way, this one makes up for all the time I spent looking for one.. It fits perfectly. I also got it in grey #takethatthriftstore
Of course I don't need to say much about the jacket. It's hands down the most beautiful jacket I've ever worn!

As soon as I get some free time (meaning an entire afternoon with nothing to do but just hanging with iced coffee and my laptop) I will make small changes on the layout of the blog, and the sizes of the pictures. It annoys me so much that they come out uneven at times, but I had no free time to fix this before. So now let's just hope I find how to do it without destroying the entire blog. 

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Clara Turbay said...

love how you look1

Tina.. said...

Really cool outfit!

cassie ousta said...

Edo ithela na kano to comment! So stylish!

Elise and Margot said...

wow, really love this jacket!
Thanks for your sweet comments :)

x For Happy Days

Olga Choi said...

Lovely look, dear~~! Really nice casual combo~!
Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog, dear~! ) Yours is so nice and full of interesting ideas, so yes,
I will be happy to join it immediately~! )
waiting for you in mine - hope we will be friends :)
Keep posting~! )