Blue Velvet: angelo di spirito rosa


angelo di spirito rosa

photos via google and angelodispiritorosa
collage made by me

I recently discovered Angelo di Spirito Rosa, a greek jewelry brand that creates rosaries and chunky necklaces with precious and semi-precious gemstones. I fell in love with the intensity of the stones' colors that vary from emerald and ruby to amethyst and rhodolite. Also, the rosary detailings are divine- in some of the pieces there are tassels made of stones, and small and large diamond stones connected with tiny threads or alloy. The packaging is extraordinary; the brand uses test tubes as well as bottles that remind of the ones used in Medieval times to pack the jewelry, with the name of the gemstone used engraved on a tag on the bottle. Indifferent as thay may sound, little details like these are the ones that make the biggest influence.
From the name of the brand, to the packaging, to the excellent assistance (they currently offer a 10% off code - SHIPSEP2012 - because the shipping will take longer than usual), the people behind the brand, Mariangela Paravalou and Vassilis Tricardos, seem to have given their 110% to make Angelo di Spirito Rosa stand out from all the other jewelry brands. It's always pleasant to see people with such passion succeeding in a tough business like fashion.

Find out more in their online shop and facebook page, or browse through some of their most divine necklaces at Luisaviaroma.


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