Blue Velvet: define ugly


define ugly

American Vintage hoodie (Similar here), Zara customized shorts and shoes, H&M neon necklace worn as bracelet

God I love these shoes. But all of my friends absolutely hate them! Well I couldn't care less, I'm gonna keep wearing them with shorts and as soon as it gets colder cropped or cigarette pants. These photos were taken in Crete where I first wore them; expect a post with more photos from the past week that I spent there with my friends. Holiday season is over, I'm back in Athens and I have to start studying for exams once again. Blaaah. 



Vanda said...

Great shoes(and legs)!!!!!nice blog!

Eleni Papastergiou said...

ego ta agapo re,ine teleia!!! <3

Βαγιάννα Μακρή said...

great ring and shoes !!!

Kimberly said...

OMG i am in love with those shoes!

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