Blue Velvet: erin wasson x low luv


erin wasson x low luv

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Low Luv x Erin Wasson Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Mesh, silver nail polish, lip liner, messy bun and tights coming out of the shorts. The triangle bra that Erin wears on the first photo on the right is so Helmut Lang-cool, it can match to any see-through top and do a great contrast (and yes I googled it and yes the Helmut Lang version which is slightly different is sold out everywhere).
Now when it comes to the jewelry, we can see a lot of Ancient North American and New Mexican Heishi beads, as well as lava stones that she keeps working on season after season. Erin's use of Heishi bead is drawn from her love of ancient history. Experts regard Heishi beads as the oldest form of jewelry in New Mexico and North America, even before the introduction of metals. 
So, Aztec-inspired jewelry with lingerie and tight stockings.. That's Erin's secret to coolness?

You can get your hands on the collection either here, or, with slightly redced prices here.