Blue Velvet: get you dancing with the devil


get you dancing with the devil

Here is this outfit in full blossom. I don't know if that's even an actual phrase or did I just make it up? Wearing those sequined partners-in-crime Zara shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs Blondie tee, Prada heels, vintage and Topshop rings, and my good ol' friend, the black Zara blazer, that I have to, sooner or later, replace with one of finer quality. I mean you keep this stuff for life.
Also, in these photos you can very clearly see my dates for the night, the Band Aids. Over reacting as usual, I feel that it is my obligation to say I almost died from all those blisters and scratches that this other pair of loafers did to me.

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Eleni said...

love this outfit! your shoes are stunning! xx