Blue Velvet: their happy moment of fun and delight


their happy moment of fun and delight

These two in love look gorgeous, just absolutely great and you want to look at them all over again. They are really gorgeous in that special style with kissing and hugging on the beach and having such a tender moment. But there is nothing wrong with it since that’s a typical beach wedding.

These two have just so much fun that they wished to kiss in that sudden rush when there is no one around, just them and that secluded beach with sea and blue sky above them. They enjoy this sweetest moment and they really should since that’s the way they should really behave because they are left alone. What kind of couple wouldn’t feel great of making their wedding at the beach and besides, also being allowed to do anything they want?

 Bride and groom seem to hold this very moment dear and I see absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t do that, they are just too much on to each other. They are happy newlyweds now, they became such just some time ago and still cannot get enough of that special joy and happiness. It seems like they will be standing here on the Breakers wedding for really much time before someone disturbs them. In fact, no one should do that since it’s their greatest moment of fun and delight.

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