Blue Velvet: floating



I'm truly sorry for the lack of updates but the past days had been kind of hectic planning a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend, and trying really hard so that he wouldn't find out (kinda failed on that). But the party was a success so at least we got one part right. I do have some photos from the night that I might upload here as soon as I have free time.
Now on the clothes; H&M XXL mint-colored pullover with Topshop leather looking leggings and Zara black harness boots. Pairing something super skinny with fully oversized clothing is always a no brainer for me, and my favorite outfit to throw on when I'm running out of time and have absolutely no time to think at all. Had I wanted to play with the outfit some more, I might have rolled up the pants a little bit so that my ankles were visible; I do feel more elegant and pulled together that way.

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