Blue Velvet: I'm a dancehall dirty breakbeat


I'm a dancehall dirty breakbeat

Last week; enjoying coffee and long walks with Konstantina who is always late on her dates *ehheemm*.
Carrying my latest acquisition, the candy clutch from the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboration, which drew quite a few stares on the streets, and even had a 70-year-old man asking me if this is an actual bag or just an accessory. People act real strange when they see something different.. I mean do I stare them when they choose to wear socks with open-toed sandals?
I'm also wearing the perfect ensemble of the just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-wore-the-first-thing-I-found look, H&M white shirt layered over a Zara silk dress, Levi's leather jacket, Zara beanie and Zara boots, that I've been wearing non stop lately.

Lots of love,

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StyleFax said...

metanoiwnw mera me th mera pou den phra thn tsanta!! tha psaksw sto ebayy :/

uperoxo outfit!! aplo kai teleio!!