Blue Velvet: jumper cable lips


jumper cable lips

Outfit I chose to wear at the H&M Spring 2013 preview. Discovered this old Guns 'n' Roses tshirt that I got in Madrid on the back of a drawer and decided to wear it - even though I really need to cut the sleeves and turn it into a muscle tank before I wear it again.. It kinda scares me the way it is now, I mean the skull has a very scary expression on it.. And yes I am 21 years old but I still freak out with things like this.
Paired it with another old purchase, a pair of blue skinny pants from Pull 'n' Bear, Converse and a vintage necklace - with which I stongly believe I should have added at least another chunky necklace, so as to give it more volume.

Off to do some Christmas shopping, and later today I will attend the Links of London x Make-A-Wish presentation.

Lots of love,


StyleFax said...

maresei polu!!!

se petuxa sto dromo otan efeuges apo h&m alla mexri na sigoureutw oti hsoun esu htan arga!! :P


Jenny Bexi said...

Love it!You rock girl!!

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Zaharenia and Konstantina Kav said...

Perfect outfit!

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Katarina Chebenova said...

I like that finishing touch with a red lipstick