Blue Velvet: stacking up


stacking up

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These last few seasons stacks of bracelets hanging from every girl's hands has been the latest trend. I've fallen hard for the specific trend, loving stacks of accessories clinking in my every movement. From cuffs to friendship bracelets to watches, the arm party term was first coined by coolest blogger slash fashion icon Leandra Medine, and has now taken over every fashionista's hands.. And vocabulary. Even Harper's Bazaar has occassionaly mentioned this trend and the blogger behind it. Arm parties began showing up οn Instagram - which unfortunately I don't use since I own a Blackberry - and eventually grew bigger, mainly when Tommy Ton and The Street Peeper started photographing those tiny details during fashion weeks, all around the world.
I've particularly fallen head over heels for stacks of watches worn together; one is never enough when it comes to accessories. I especially love how you can mix and match expensive watches with ones from high-street brands, whether they be chunky silver ones, leather or chained. I mean, there are no rules regarding stacking, either it be watch-stacking, or accessory-stacking in general: pairing silver with gold is not only appropriate, but mandatory, wearing evil eyes in different shapes and sizes is obligatory. Materials don't matter anymore; it's cool to even wear my teen sister's scoubidous. Pairing gold, way off-limit watches with $3 worth of bracelets is crazy chic.
  I think my obsession is kinda obvious from my tumblr page though; reblogging arm swag photos non-stop seems to be my main avocation these past few days.. Which is weird because I could devote some time to my studying as well.

Find some arm-party-partners in crime in variety of styles of Maurice Lacroix, and visit my old blog posts to see more ideas on how to work on the trend.

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