Blue Velvet: in the meantime


in the meantime

Excuse my lack of posting but in between Christmas shopping, catching up with friends and procrastinating my studying, I haven't had enough time to do much else. This is my outfit from a few days ago; it was quite cold and layering was obligatory. Pairing an old cropped top over a slipdress was a no brainer, this is definitely my go-to outfit when I'm in a hurry. Finally drifting from the black-skinny-jeans-uniform. Although I did just dyed an old pair of blue jeans black, so I'll be wearing that a lot as well.

Zara fur, slipdress, beanie and bucket bag (similar here)/ Nelly heels (similar here and here)/ old top ripped by me/ Asos cross cuff/ UO and Topshop necklaces

Merry Christmas!
Lots of love,


Arden said...

Every time I see a nude colored fur coat, I think of you... Hope you're enjoying your holiday!!! xx

StyleFax said...

e to latreuw!!!!!!