Blue Velvet: ripped and frayed


ripped and frayed

Ripped skinny jeans that once wear blue and had no holes on them, white tshirt, buckle belt, black leather vest, silver sparkly nail polish, stacks of rings, and full on smokey eyes and I'm good to go.
No seriously though, these jeans used to be boring as hell, dark blue high waisted and all that jazz. And then I decided to make multiple cuts on them and realised that I had ruined them even further. So I was like 'neeeh, what's the worst thing that could happen to them if I dip them in some paint'. And I did and they turned out pretty rad. Moral of the story dare to experiment.

Jeans customized by me (similar to these and these - the second ones also include zips on the holes), LnA tshirt (here or here), Marks and Spencer limited edition leather vest (similar to this and this), Zara belt and heels (similar to these or these), vintage rings

Lots of love,

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